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So the Time is finally here,

I said I'd release the RAW shot from Part 3 In the dream series, this is the post i asked for constructive feedback on, now you can see exactly what i did to it (Yes I added Myself In, Sorry I didn't risk it)  and Re-imagine the Shot yourself.


Risking it For the Biscuit . Was the climb worth it for the third part of the dream series? . But a follow instagrammer & Mate @surfandearth wrote last night about how Instagram is a utopia of positivity, it’s not like most other online community that you’ll get negative feedback of what you create, tonight I want to challenge you and ask for some negative feedback on this post . We’ll still have the 90 save goal for a wallpaper but I’ll be giving away a Preset Pack to the person that gives me the best constructive criticism . Oh and did I say that I’ll be release the raw of this shot too? Check out my story for the shot, I’ll be shouting out the best edits of it on my story this Saturday! . . . . .
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Often the ways i get new idea's about editing processes is by being inspired by other's, I aimed for a dream edit on this but you will have your own idea's also.

Edit it and share it on Instagram, tag me on the post so i see it & I'll be Sharing everyone's attempt's on my Story over the next two week's and with Saturday 14th July, someone gets there work featured on my Profile! 

Now its your turn, download the RAW image below! 

Download The RAW Here